The Best Strawberries in the World!

I LOVE fruits. especially berries, cherries, and strawberries (hence the name; berriesenthusiast.) They are the little things in life that make me happy 🙂

Coming from a tropical country like Thailand, these fruits are typically not produced locally, and they are crazy expensive. What’s not to like about unattainable fruits! So every time I travel abroad to cold climate countries, that’s one of the things I look forward to – eating berries and cherries.


Natural berries in Somerset, 15 minutes from Bath.

Thailand do have strawberries too, from the Northern region, but the taste is mostly sour and doesn’t quite have the refreshing sweetness. So the best way to have it, for the locals, is with พริกเกลือ (prik-gleu,) a blend of sugar, salt, and chili, to bring out the taste and cut into the sourness.

Local strawberries taste sour and lack the sweetness.

Local strawberries taste sour and lack the sweetness.

Before going to the best strawberries in the world, I’m giving the best value strawberries prize, in terms of taste and price, to the berries in the UK. They were sweet and sour, and for 2 packs for 3 pounds, you can’t go wrong.

2 for 3 pounds!

2 for 3 pounds!

I compare the taste and cost to other places I have eaten strawberries from, like Paris, New York, Michigan, and of course Thailand.


About $4.50 in Michigan; mostly sour with a hint of sweetness.


About $5 from China Town, New York. Mostly sour but perhaps could have been sweeter if I waited.


This was about 8 euros in Paris. I remember the berries tasted better in the UK, cheaper too!

The best tasting strawberries I have ever had were from, if you’re also a fan of strawberries and would guess it, Japan! Of course the time that I visited helped, because it was in late March – early April and the strawberries in Japan taste the best and sweetest in the winter time. See here: It also helped elevate the strawberries eating experience when I was watching Mt. Fuji, or while I was admiring the blooming cherry blossoms 🙂

A pack like this cost about 400-500 yen.

A pack like this cost about 400-500 yen.

I would love to visit strawberries farm in Japan and pick and eat all the fresh strawberries to my heart’s desire. However, the strawberries farms are usually quite far away, and considering the commuting/ tour cost, and around 1,500 yen for the admission fee, I prefer to just get them from local supermarkets as I travel places. If you would love to visit the farms, here’s a good site for more information

I have yet to try strawberries from Korea, which I have heard are pretty good and refreshingly sweet too. Guess I will wait to buy from local gourmets when they are on promotions.

Note that different seasons provide different taste, everyone’s preference is different, and where I buy them does not mean the strawberries were grown there.

Adding to my strawberries collection, Korean strawberries! The taste is sweet, but the sweetness is more diluted and the taste and texture is not as scrumptious comparing to the Japanese strawberries. Could just be this breed though, as I am sure there are other more yummy ones.



About berriesenthusiast

I'm a foodie from Bangkok. I love to travel. I enjoy and appreciate the little things in life.

21 responses to “The Best Strawberries in the World!

  1. Björn C

    You should definitely try Swedish strawberries. They are by far the best in the world.

  2. mel

    Actually THE best strawberries are from Oswego County, NY. A little place called Ferlito’s Farm’s you can buy at a roadside stand or pick yourself. Only available in JUNE. So if you’re ever in this area I’m sure you’ll agree!!

  3. Debbie

    You may not forget the Belgian strawberries – they are fantastic !

  4. T

    and dont forget the strawberries from Norway.. Once youve had a basket, most other strawberries taste like water 😉

  5. Elisabeth Lunestad

    The Island Askøy in Norway is well known for the tasty strawberries from the village Ask. The taste is heavenly!

  6. Woods

    You should go to a little town in oklahoma called stilwell. They have the best strawberries you will ever eat. It is the climate there. They call the town “strawberry capital of the world.” Come on the second saturday in may. It is when they have the festival. Be sure to buy from local grower because there are california berries there.

  7. The most famous strawberries at least in the United States are from Ventura County, California. The county also appears to have some of the finest soil in the world.

  8. Amanda Star

    Don’t forget about Maine! We would buy our strawberries from farm stands on the side of the road. You just drive up, put money in a box and pick out a pint (or two) of sweet little juicy gems straight from the fields.

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