Northern Thailand Trip (Accommodation + Trip Planning in Progress)

Here’s my Northern Thailand plan in case anyone may like to include in their future/ upcoming travels. My trip will be to relax and enjoy the natural scenery, eat local food & be merry, while maximizing the 8 days and 7 nights I have 🙂 The most beautiful time to travel to Northern Thailand in the rainy season is in September, when the rice field is full grown and is so amazingly beautiful. Due to my available schedule I am going in August, but it should be beautiful nevertheless! The accommodation prices in the rainy season are so friendly that it will cost my friend and I only about $150 for 5 nights! Another 2 nights will be waived since we will be staying with my family 🙂

Rough Plan

1st-3rd Day: Mae Hong Son

4-6th Day: Chiang-Mai// Lamphoon (family visit)

6th-8th Day: Lamphoon//Lampang//Chiang-Mai

First day: Travel to Chiangmai by plane then take a public bus/ van to Pai.

Low cost airlines in Thailand offer great deals on tickets purchased well in advance or even on their regular promotions. The one I bought is Nok Air‘s traveling on a weekday promotion. Other low-cost airlines are Air Asia and Orient Air, also check out Thai Airways, and Bangkok Airways for their promotions.

The van to Pai.

The van to Pai.

First night I plan to stay at this cozy little place called khunnaiternsai. I have been to Pai before and I love the rice field scenery, so the first day I would like to go back just for that. Relaxing to the luscious green rice field and staying at a unique place that you can’t find a replica anywhere (from 506 baht during rainy season.)

Cozy little place called Khun Nai Teun Sai,  meaning a lady who wakes up late. That;s so me!

Cozy little place called Khun Nai Teun Sai, meaning a lady who wakes up late. That’s so me!

First day my friend and I just plan to bike and laze around. I don’t have the latest fee on bicycle or scooter rental, will update on this. We plan to rent a bike on the first day once we get dropped off from the van. We will also be booking a day tour, as we arrive in Pai City Center, to Pang-Oong and Ban Rakthai (Mae Aw), as a mean to go to these places as we do not have our own transportation.

Second day: Laze around, and enjoy Pai Night Market.

Second day we will have a delicious breakfast at our guesthouse (read many positive reviews about the food there) and we will slowly move our way to a 2nd night of accommodation at Pai Nai Fun (from 300 baht during rainy season.) As it is very walkable to Pai City Center, we planned on purpose to stay there to be able to walk to Pai’s famous night market and back.

Painaifun, a nice place by the river and located right in Pai city center.

Painaifun, a nice place by the river and is right by        Pai city center.

Just to be adventurous and experience a fun unique stay, we decided to go with a wooden tent by the river. These accommodations are adorable, aren’t they? 🙂 Both of these places have no air-conditioning, or private bathrooms. As an air-conditioned addict Bangkokian, I hope to be able to sleep well through the nights.

Third day: Leave with a tour to visit Pang-Oong and stay on at Ban Rakthai. 

Photo credit:

Pang Oong, the photo does not do its justice.                 Photo credit:

On the 3rd day we plan to go to Pang-Oong and Ban Rakthai (Mae Aw), my friend and I have been to these places but they are so beautiful that we must revisit. On the 3rd night we are staying at RakThai Leewine Resort. The food there is Yunnan Chinese food, it was so good I will be going back for more!

A gorgeous village, Rakthai, situated high up in the mountains by a huge water reservoir.

A gorgeous village, Rakthai, situated high up in the mountains by a huge water reservoir.

For the way back to Chiangmai, since we don’t have a car we found out that there is a daily transportation that leaves from Rakthai to Maehongson City Center at 7 am, and another that goes from the city center to Rakthai village at 2 pm. We will be taking a day tour from Pai on the way there, and will be leaving from RakThai at 7 am to Maehongson and then catch a van from there to Chiangmai.

Fourth day: Chill out in Nimmanhemin, and visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Photo credit:

Chompor Lanna Hotel, Chiangmai                                  Photo credit:

We leave early by the 7 am truck from Rak Thai to Mae Hong Son city center, then off to Chiangmai by a van/bus. Today we plan to chill out in Nimmanhemin by day and also visit the sacred Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. By night we plan to go to Chiangmai Night Market (Wualai Walking Street.) Our accommodation, Chompor Lanna Hotel, is close to Wualai and we chose it due to the proximity and the Lanna style architecture.

Fifth day: Chill out and move to our highlight stay at Puka Boutique Resort 

I found this hotel on and was very happy with the price. I also got some credits left on Agoda, so instead of paying 2,00o baht + 17%, it came down to about 1,600 baht per night, which is a great deal for the place and room we will be staying in. Another site I use is, sometimes it has just as good of a deal as Agoda, and you don’t have to pay in advance. Like the name, you just book using your credit card.

I am really looking forward to stay here since I heard great reviews about how tranquil it is, plus the food there is great so that’s another great holiday factor.

Puka Boutique Resort

Puka Boutique Resort

Good food, good stay? Looking forward to it!

Good food, good stay? Looking forward to it!


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