Low Cost Direct Flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap!

Ang Kor Wat  https://berriesenthusiast.files.wordpress.com

Mission accomplished.

Great news! News just came out on Air Asia’s direct flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap! You lucky sons. Originally Air Asia only flew to Phnom Penh, which still took hourssss by car to Siem reap, now they are flying direct to Siem Reap! Yes! It’s worth repeating!

Before I said the best way was the direct bus, which I took because the airfare was ridiculous and looked something like this (airfare source: www.ar-pae.com)

Bangkok Airways at about THB 11,220

Cambodia Angkor Air at about THB 10,270

Vietnam Airlines at about THB 16,375

China Eastern at about THB 23,000

Korean Air at about THB 42,450

Crazy right? I can only confirm Bangkok Airways and Angkor Air since I only checked those, and with those kinda prices I was fineeee with the bus.

But NOW for those who have limited time or perhaps a bit more budget to spend, I think flying Air Asia would be the best available travel option. Check out the preliminary info here:  Air Asia’s Destination – Siem Reap

The Siem Reap flight is open for booking from July 15th 2013, while actual flights start commencing in October, date to be confirmed. For those of you who wants a special fare , I’m sure Air Asia will start with a pretty sweet juicy price, be ready to book on July 15th! Me so jealoussss.

Another point to add is that many hotels in Siem Reap offer a free airport transfer , so to make life a bit easier find the hotels that do.

For a more economical option, check out the Bangkok-Siemreap direct bus step-by-step guide: http://wp.me/p1Txsb-30 

Ang Kor Wat the Crowd https://berriesenthusiast.files.wordpress.com

The other side of the picture: where everyone takes the world famous mirror image of Ang Kor Wat.


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I'm a foodie from Bangkok. I love to travel. I enjoy and appreciate the little things in life.

18 responses to “Low Cost Direct Flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap!

  1. Davide

    Hello Berriesenthusiast,
    nice website, congratulation..

    I have some question to ask to you:
    1- I tried to book the direct bus bkk-siem reap using the website you suggested
    but it seems it’s impossible to find available buses (on 19/08/2013 for example)… what do you think about that? Are there other company?
    2- The e-visas application necessary to cross cambodia border needs the number of the vehicle… what do you think I can write (or not write) if is not possible to book on line?
    3- To come back to thailand Will I need a new thai visas at the border?


    • Hi Davide,

      To answer your questions:

      1) I have never personally booked on the website, I’m guessing that it could be full already. The bus schedules to leave daily at 9 am (only one bus per day.) There are other companies, I will be writing another blog (somewhat) soon on other ways to travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap – since many people have asked. However, it will not be a direct bus – meaning you will have to change to another service at the border.

      2) No, you do not need to provide the no. of the vehicle, my husband didn’t include the info and was issued the visa. But you can write Bus by TCL service.

      3) That would depends on the passport you have (country,) the type of visa you hold, and how many days it permits you to stay/ travel.

  2. Holly

    Hello there! I just tried looking at flights on Air Asia and from Bangkok to Siem Reap (and back) and it costs around 188$? Am I possibly looking at the wrong site? I will be making this portion of the trip January 1-January 3, 2014. Any advice would be great!



    • $188 is not cheap (approx. THB 5,640,) however compared to current prices:
      Bangkok Airways at about THB 11,220
      Cambodia Angkor Air at about THB 10,270
      Vietnam Airlines at about THB 16,375
      China Eastern at about THB 23,000
      Korean Air at about THB 42,450

      I think the period you are travelling has to do with the higher price, if your vacation dates are flexible
      I recommend looking at +/- days to check for better promotional prices. From 999 THB* is only one-way
      price, and not tax-inclusive yet.

    • Ghulam Hussain

      Hi I just visited Siem Reap. I did a lot of home work to find the cheapest way to get there from Bangkok. Miserably failed. People say to take a bus from Mochit Bus station. I wonder will I get a ticket in advance. The website I got from the net is full of Thai and unable to register in the English version. Then I took a decision to fly the cheap Airasia. The cost is expensive at $ 400. But I found a place in Siem reap where you can get a bus ticket and a coach ticket to Bangkok without any hassle. Easy tour the phone number is +855 9555518 or visit http://www.siemreapshuttle.com

      I have found a cheaper way from Siem Reap to Bangkok and yet to find one from Bangkok to Siem Reap.
      Have a nice trip.

  3. Lealinda

    Hello there Ms. Berrie, first Thanks so much for all the information about traveling to Siem Reap from Bangkok… I and my husband plan to go to Bangkok 2nd week of January 2014, and plan to see Angkor Wat, nice to know that Air Asia is having a lower air fare…// Do you think its possible for us to visit the Angkor Wat for just a day? (we plan to go during the middle of our bangkok trip), so we will not have any Lodge problem in Siem Reap, or if there is no same day flight available do u have any recommendation where to stay in Siem Reap… Thanks and looking forward to your reply. 🙂

    • Hi Lealinda, regarding the flight, please check your flights on http://www.airasia.com/, it is recommended that you book ahead for a better deal. Just sign up to AirAsia newsletter and you should be posted on the promotions. I would not recommend a one day trip for Angkor Wat since you should wake up quite early (4 – 5 am) to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise at Angkor Wat, but then it’s entirely up to you. Check out http://www.agoda.com and http://www.booking.com on where to stay, a lot of the hotels should have an airport transfer option, these are the sites I use for my travels in Asia.

      • Lealinda

        Thanks so much for your reply,, I guess one day trip to Angkor is impossible, if we can stay for a night you think its OK ?, I’ve checked Air Asia, they have flights 1020am, and 1215pm the next day.

        another question please, I want to know how far is the Don Mueang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport, after visiting the Angkor wat, we need to head up to Suvarnabhumi airport to catch our flight to Manila, of course i will book for a later flight to Manila, to give us some time…

        Thanks again!..

  4. Lealinda

    Hello again, can you please help me, I want to know which is the best area in Bangkok to stay, its gonna be our first time in Bangkok, we want to see the temples (wat pho,wat arun,holden buddha,and the likes), the grand palace, vivanmek, chinatown,floating market and Ayutthaya, im looking on agoda.com and read a lot of reviews, but cant decide, can you please give some information/details, (you are form thailand right?). Is it best to use the trains or skytrain (mtr/mrt)..

    Thank you soo mucch…

    • – “Can stay for a night you think its OK ?, I’ve checked Air Asia, they have flights 1020am, and 1215pm the next day.”

      Seeing the flight time, I would recommend at least 2 nights of stay just so you have at least a whole day to do some sightseeing on your 2nd day in Cambodia, you won’t get back to your hotel until early afternoon on the day of your arrival, then leave comfortably on the 3rd day.

      – “how far is the Don Mueang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport?”

      It’s about 15-20 minutes without traffic, but in Bangkok always expect a traffic so my rough estimate would be about an hour (or much longer if it’s a Friday.) Just put in about 4 hours after your arrival time in Bangkok, so if the flight leaves from Cambodia at 12:15 pm I would book your flight to Manila after 7 pm the earliest just to be safe. Always factor in flight delays, traffic, etc.

      – “can you please help me, I want to know which is the best area in Bangkok to stay?”

      Bangkok is a mix of good and bad area, why don’t you give me a top 5 of hotels you like (so I can see you price range and preference) and I will help you pick the best one?

      – “Is it best to use the trains or skytrain (mtr/mrt)”

      MRT and BTS are both good, a lot of the places you are going you will need a cab. Always pick a cab over tuk-tuk, unless you want to enjoy the tuk-tuk experience.

  5. Lealinda

    Hello and thanks again.

    I think, we will stay for 2 nights in Seam Reap.
    The flights from BKK to Manila is at 1850, and next flight will be midnight!, if we reach bangkok at 1:15pm, we may have time to catch out flight back home. However, Im also considering going to Seam Reap first for 2 nights and then to Bangkok, but still I will check which flight is suitable for us.
    With regards to the hotel in Bangkok, i can go for at least 100US$ per night, I am interested in Centara Watergate Pavillion, and those in the Riverside like Ibis, Centre Point, i just read a lot of reviews that Riverside is the best location since I’d like to see temples and ruins of Bangkok, and we can use watertransport which is easy and less traffic. Do you think its best to use a tour agency ( i mean tour guide) so we can visit and save time, some hotels may not offer a tour packages and etc…

    PS. thanks so much for your help and sorry but in the future i will keep on bugging you…

    • 18:50 should be just in time if there will be no serious delays.

      Ibis riverside http://www.ibis.com/Bangkok-Riverside is nice and not expensive, plus the food is very good too – hopefully they have maintained their standard. The room is on the small side but with your budget, you can get the more premium room with a river view and still have money left over.

      Tour guide is not that expensive, but I’m a local so I have never needed the service, if you have a limited time I guess it does help. http://www.withlocals.com/ I just saw this on facebook, it’s new and looks legit, so check it out if you have the time. Cheers!

  6. ami

    Thanks for very informative blog, please let me know whether return ticket from cambodia is precondition for Visa on arrival. if so how can be manage since there is no online bust ticket available

  7. Lealinda

    Hello there again,, just want to ask again, is the Cambodian Angkor Air good? i’ve read a lot of reviews but i cannot decide yet, some says its fine others say not..until now i haven’t got any booking for seam reap and bangkok, but i always check agoda,and air asia for promotion.
    Thanks, and hope you are doing fine!

    • From what I have checked last, I think the airfare is a little too pricey. For the small price difference, if you ask me, I would go with Bangkok Airways instead of Angkor Air. However, I would think Air Asia would still be the most economical option for air travel, if you book well in advance.

  8. Lealinda

    Hello again!
    Just want to share with you, we had a nice experience in Siem Reap. I booked our airfare on Air Asia, they also had a site AirAsiaGo, which include air fare and hotel. Air Asia is cheaper than any airline travelling to Siem Reap and they offer a very good service, no delays, comfortable seats, nice attendants too. Siem Reap has a very very good people, cheap prices for food, drinks and hotels. We really had a great time!


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