Traveling/ Sightseeing/ Touristing in Bangkok for 1, 2, or 3 Days

So you’ve decided to take a trip to the city of angles: Bangkok.  You’ve scheduled some time off work, booked your flight, and now it’s time to plan your itinerary.  For the seasoned traveler to this dynamic tropical metropolis, deciding where to go and what to do on a three day stint is not much of an issue, but for first timers, it’s really difficult to know what to expect and how to make the most of your experience.

As an American expat who has been living in the city for 4 years, I’ve developed a pretty good sense of the wide range of activities in the city that appeal to western travelers, and also places that don’t live up to the hype.  Some of this understanding has been gained by my own trial and error and some of it is from interacting with those who come to visit.

But with a city as diverse as Bangkok, one size doesn’t fit all.  There are many different kinds of travelers that visit with all kinds of personality types, expectations and budgets.  That’s why I’ve decided to compile an assortment of sensible itinerary ideas for all different kinds of travelers.

So what type of traveler are you?

Below is a list of 7 traveler types.  With each traveler type comes a customized itinerary to fit that personality.  Choose one type and follow that itinerary or mix and match to create your own experience.

Next, consider how long you are in town for: One, two, or three days. For each day I have compiled three “must do” activities.  If you are only in town one full day, I recommend only the “Day 1” activities; two full days, “Day 1” and “Day 2”; and three days, do it all.*

*Because some activities could suit multiple traveler types, there will be some overlap.

First let me tell you how to get around the city once you get here.  Click the next page below to find out.


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I'm a foodie from Bangkok. I love to travel. I enjoy and appreciate the little things in life.

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