Direct Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap/ รถบัส กรุงเทพฯ – เสียมราฐ

So we have finalized our trip to Siem Reap, after working on the best and most economical way to go. The air tickets were too expensive and not worth it for us. I was considering the casino bus but was worried about the possibility of casino staff taking away our passports as a form of collateral, (casino bus costs 300 baht, a great deal, with a 100 or 200 baht money back and includes a buffet meal at the casino.)

Another cheap way is the train, however, had a friend who took the train and his trip was delayed for over half a day. We cannot take the risk as we only have 5 days, and 2 days will be the traveling there and back.

Anyway, we were psyched to find out about the direct bus from Bangkok to Siem Riep, but several sources indicated that the route was canceled due to “some problems.” Mixed messages here and there, canceled, postponed, running, I need confirmation! Fortunately, found a forum saying that the bus route supposedly became operative on February 21st, 2013 and it sounded solid enough for us.

Of course there’s not much information assuring this bus service online, or how to purchase tickets, so we decided to find out for sure by going to Mochit station. I had called beforehand just because it was so hot outside and wanted to avoid a wasted trip but the attempted calls were to no avail, so we just took off to Mochit.

Update: Now you can get your bus tickets online! 

How to get to Mochit Bus Terminal:

[You have to register on the website, and pay a little extra fee  “It only costs an additional 20 Baht per ticket, and a 46 Baht ‘convenience fee’ per payment transaction.You can collect your tickets in advance from one of their offices or at the bus station one hour ahead of departure time.” – Kimberly (Thank you!)]

Arrived at Mochit on 3rd floor, and were bounced back and forth to a few booths until, alas, we found the ticket booth for Bangkok to Siem Riep! Yippeeeeeeeeee. The right booth is on the 1st floor, and looks like this. Another way to notice it, is the LCD sign (not featured here) which helped us to finally find it after the 4th or 5th person finally pointed us to the right booth.


Once we arrived at the booth, we informed the staff of the date we would like to travel and then we picked seat numbers. Make sure to bring your passports just in case, although they don’t check it too much. You just have to let them know your name and passport numbers, which will be presented on your tickets.

The guy may take a little while to type your names and passport numbers in, but just bare with it. The tickets costs 750 baht one way, note that you cannot buy a return ticket. A return ticket is only available in Siem Reap, which will be the first thing we will ask once we arrive. Hopefully the trip will be smooth and I will come and update again on the experience.           (Check out our actual trip to Siem Reap: )


The ticket also doubles as a meal ticket (probably more like snacks,) so don’t throw it away and keep it around after boarding the bus. Hope this was useful, and now you know the mythical bus route “Bangkok – Siem Reap” does exist!

Food update: The food on the bus was horrible, word of advice, bring your own food. It’s gonna be a 8-9 hours journey. For convenience, there’s a huge 7-11 at Mochit Station  for you to stock up on some food.

Actual Bus Trip: 

Update: Now you can get your bus tickets online! 

New route: Low cost airline flies to Siem Reap!



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